Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Harvard Business Case study

Harvard Business Case Study

Our Section-sec 02 and sec 01 carry  on the discussion of HBS.
My class have divided into 5 group and 7 person in one group.
First,our lecturer,Dr Zaidi tell us the rules and introduce HBS.
Then,we start our discussion.
Dr Zaidi give us the question that we need to talk.
This is the question list of HBS :
1.  Strategies taken by Symbian,Google,Apple in striving to lead the mobile industry.
2.  Lessons learned from Harvard Bussiness School Case Study
4.  Discuss the key players in mobile phone industries and how they influence each other.
5.  As the future IT professional,how this case study change your view about your carreer?
6.  What innovations can be introduce in improving mobile phone industries in terms of community uses and         
7.   Discuss the Symbian's situation based on Porter's 5 Forces model.What are your recommendation?
8.   Analyse Symbian's situation using SWOT analysis technique.What is your opinion about company  
9.   Discuss on key Symbian Excutives(exhibit 3).What is your opinion about them?Give suggestions.
10. Discuss on the mobile market share based on the statistics give
Our group get the question 3...
My part is talking about Apple.
  • Apple IPHONE threatened to change the balance of power in the handset industry
  • substantial power over network operators
  • made waves in product design thanks to its 3.5 inch touch screen
  • support multitouch  interaction such as zooming and pinching 
  • have much higher satisfaction than even the popular Nokia and Motorola
About 5.00p.m we end our wonderful discussion.

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