Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Uses of Adobe Photoshop

Why we need using Adobe Photoshop CS3???why?
That is because Adobe Photoshop can create many things....
There are the uses of Adobe Photoshop CS3 :

History and Significance

  • Released in late 2006, Photoshop CS3 was Adobe's 10th version of graphics editing software, preceding Adobe's release of CS4 in 2008. Uses for Photoshop CS3 are limitless thanks to CS3 upgrades from its predecessor, CS2. Adobe added extra features, like Adobe Bridge, which provides easy access to media files, smart filters that enable changeable filters and advanced animating tools.

Image Editing

  • Photo editing is the most obvious of uses for Photoshop CS3. With many mode adjustments, such as photo filters, true black and white capabilities, and hue saturation controls, Photoshop is ideal for photographers of any experience level. Photoshop has several functions ideal for image editing such as color balance, highlight and contrast tools, quick masks, healing and red eye removal functions, and cloning functions to heal faded or damaged photos.

Creating Art

  • One of the most incredible uses for Photoshop CS3 is the ability to create artistic pieces. Aside from editing tools, Photoshop CS3 features hundreds of different brush options. Some of these brush styles are wet and dry media, calligraphic, drop shadow, natural and faux finish. Photoshop CS3 enables the use of layers with several different blending modes and filter galleries to add certain effects like grain or underlayment.

Animation and 3D

  • A surprising use for Photoshop CS3 is the ability to animate pictures. Photoshop CS3 features frame animation and timeline functions. Both functions allow optimization of the layers involved in the animation. Frame animating involves editable layers that move and change to display animation. Timeline animating involves a slider bar with preset key frames and functions that change how layers appear during the animation.
  • Another invaluable use for Photoshop CS3 users is its 3D function. Graphic designers can view logos with text and images as stand-alone 3D images, with fully supported and customizable characteristics.

Create PDF, Web and Device Ready Files

  • A significant use for Photoshop CS3 is the ability to create PDF or portable document format files. Like virtual pages to the internet, PDF files are useful for viewing regardless of the viewing platform, meaning anyone on any computer can view the file. Users can create secure PDF files that require passwords to ensure only the intended audience views, downloads or prints the material within the file.
  • Photoshop CS3 features web and device ready options that enable users to customize quality and file size. Often high-quality pictures are large files, and with the web and device function, the user can view the original file in one window while previewing the same file as its size and quality is adjusted to meet file size restrictions. This feature preserves as much quality as possible.

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